Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra Mahidol

was born on Sunday 21 October B.E.2443 [A.D.1900] in Nonthaburi Province. Her given name was Sangvalya. She was the daughter of Phra Janok Choo and Phra Jonani Kham. She was presented to Her Royal Highness Princess Valaya Alongkorn Krom Luang Bejraburi Rajasirindhorn to be at her service. She graduated from the Midwifery and Nursing School at Siriraj Hospital in 1916. In 1917, she was given a scholarship by Her Majesty Somdech Phra Sri Sawarindra Boromarajadevi Phra Phanwasa Ayiga Chao to further her study in nursing in the United States of America, first at the Emerson School in Berkeley, California, where she studied English. The following year she continued her study at North West in Hartford, Connecticut. .....read more

The Princess Srinagarindra Award

The Princess Srinagarindra Award

One Princess Srinagarindra Award is conferred annually upon an individual registered nurse or registered midwife or group of registered nurses or group of registered midwives who have made a significant contribution, through direct care, research, education or management, within the nursing or midwifery profession and/or for the development of the nursing or  midwifery profession. 

Lastest Awardee

Professor Dr. Afaf Ibrahim Meleis, 76 years old, American/Egypt, is an extraordinary international leader in nursing education and nursing science development. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated great passion for pushing the boundaries of nursing science, cultivated the next generation of health care leaders, and advanced the health and wellbeing of women around the world.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Kim, 71 years old, is a distinguished pioneer in nursing education and research in The Republic of Korea, and an exceptional leader in health policy at both national and international levels.

Ceremony of Princess Srinagarindra Award 2018