Princess Srinagarindra Award Foundation

Madame Lin Ju-Ying, Laureate2001


 Madame Lin Ju-Ying has inspired health profesionals and policy makers in The People's Republic of China and around the world with her intellect, vision and courage. Her career in nursing spans 60 years. After graduation from Peking Union Medical College in 1941, Madame Lin worked as a school nurse, a nursing supervisor, director of nursing service at Beijing Hospital and as president of the hospitals' s Nursing School.

Address/Work: 38 Xue yanalu, Heidian District, Beijing, Capital 100083

Country:  China

         Though Madame Lin was unable to practice nursing in her country for several years, she continued to devote her life to improving health care, to promoting the education and professional standing of nurse, and to mentoring a new generation of leaders among nurses in the Peoples's Republic of China.

          Thirty years after the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program was closed, Madame Lin lobbied successfully to reestablish this program for Chinese nurses in key medical universities in The Peoples's Republic of China. As president of the Chinese Nursing Association, Madame Lin reinvigorated the membership by reorganizing its academic committee structure and conducting important professional conferences. One of Madame Lin's greatest gifts to the nursing profession is her ability to identify and develop young nurses with leadership potential and to continue this support as they prepare for leadership positions.

          Madame Lin has established networks in many countries of the world that have increased opportunities and resources for Chinese nurses to receive advanced traning. As a consultant to the Kellogg Foundation Community Based International Learning Program, Madame Lin is influencing nursing education and practice throughout the nursing world. Madame Lin has authored and edited various books and articles about nursing, nursing theory, management, administration, and community health nursing.

           Currently, Madame Lin serves as the Honorary President of the Chinese Nursing Association and Honorary Director of the Natianal Nursing Center of the Peoples's Republic of China. In 1989, Madame Lin received the prestigious International Red Cross Nightingale Award. She was awarded and Honorary, USA and an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Michigan, USA.

           Her inspiring leadship, her scholarship, her collaborative work with her nursing colleagues worldwide and her dedication, steadfastness and courage make Madame Lin a national and international treasure and a valued member of the global nursing community.

           Madame Lin truly deserves to be the recipient of the Princess Srinagarindra Award 2001.