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Dr. (Mrs.) Sulochana Krishnan, Laureate2003


Dr. (Mrs.) Sulochana Krishnan is an eminent nurse leader who is in the forefront of the advancement of nursing profession in India. She has inspired health professions in her country with her intellect, vision and courage. She graduated with Bachelor Degree in Chemistry form Queen Mary’s College, University of Madras, Chennai. She then enrolled in the College of Nursing, University of Delhi, where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree with Honor, and Master of Nursing in 1961. She was the first Indian Nurse to have received a Doctoral Degree when she graduated from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. 

Country:  India

        Dr. Krishnan has devoted her working life to improving health care by promoting the advancement of nursing education, service and research.  She is well accepted as an outstanding nurse leader in India and internationally.

        As a nurse educator and administrator in the Premier Institution of nursing Training at at Raj Kumari Amrit Kuar College of Nursing (R.A.K), Dr. Krishnan has taught in all programme levels offered at the R.A.K college including the Bachelor of Science, Post-basic certificate and Master of Science programme. Through her initiatives, basic nursing curriculum has been revised and updated, the first doctoral programmes in nursing established. To improve the condition for teaching-learning, Dr. Krishnan was instrumental in acquiring resources to build a new college campus for nursing. She is well recognized as the leader in nursing research. With her vision, the first nursing research course was introduced in the nursing curriculum. As a nurse researcher, she has mentored many students at the Master and Doctoral levels in many leading Indian universities. She has been promoted to Professor of Nursing Research and has numerous publications.

         To improve the quality of nursing care in the country Dr. Krishnan has organized and conducted continuing education courses for nurses, midwives and other health workers. Workshops, seminars and refresher courses have been presented for staff nurses, administrators and educators.  These efforts have resulted in improved efficiency in the health services. The textbook on “Foundation of Nursing” she served as an editor has been published and widely used in nursing institutions.

         Bedsides her devotion to improving nursing standard, Dr. Krishnan has demonstrated her courage in organizing relief operation and health service during flood in Nazafgarh. In addition, she also has organized health service and conducted home nursing and training courses during Indo-Pak war.

         Dr. Krishnan’s efforts in solving the country’s population problem has been obvious. She planned and conducted training courses in birth planning services for middle and grassroot workers. She also assisted in developing curricula and training materials on birth planning methods for the training of different cadres of paramedical health workers and actively participated in the National Health Survey.

         Dr. Krishnan has long been admired for her vision in professional development at both national and International levels. She was appointed Vice-president of Indian Nursing Council where she served for 14 years. She was elected by her peers to serve as Vice-president of Trained Nurses Association of India. She has been an active member of various Advisory Board Committee for several universities in India. Currently, Dr. Krishnan serves as chairperson, Nursing Advisory Committee, Omayal Achi College of Nursing, Chennai.

         Due to her lengthy experience and expertise, Dr. Krishnan was invited by World Health Organization to serve as short-term consultant to the government of Maldives. The 4-yaers project had, as it goals, to develop a nursing and midwifery curriculum emphasizing family planning and to provide health services at the community levels. With her outstanding achievement, she was invited to continue her service in Maldives under the UNFPA support in the 2-years project of Family Planning Curriculum Development.  Currently, she serves as an advisor to the government of Maldives to establish the College of Nursing in the Institute of Health Science. WHO also invited her to serve as Member of the Expert Advisory Panel of Nursing during 1982 to 1986. Dr. Krishnan received the prestigious Sarojini Khosla Nightingale Award in 1995.

         At the age of 76, Dr. Krishnan is continuing to offer her research and academic skills to the nursing community where she is active as lecturer and keynote speaker at seminars and conferences as well as supervisor for doctoral students conducting dissertations.

          For all of her accomplishment in the development of nursing education as an important factor in promoting the health of the people of India, for her vision, courage, and scholarship, Dr. Krishnan has distinguished herself as an outstanding leader in nursing profession.  

Professor Dr.Sulochana Krishnan truely deserves the honor of being conferred with the Princess Srinagarindra Award for the year B.E.2546 [A.D.2003]